8. Ecosystem1

The ecosystem of MUC centered on its economy is represented by the following diagram:

Both the content economy and the crypto economy are fueled by the circulation of MUC, IP tokens, and other popular cryptocurrencies. This ecology functions naturally, firmly tying the values of all participants together.

MUC has a method for supplying liquidity. It maintains the liquidity of MUC, IP Tokens, and NFTs (TMHC, Alice) by refilling some of the liquidity created on the content and platform into LPs of DEX, rewards of content, and growth funds. Profits are decentralized as a result of this.

The following is the content of each flow within the ecosystem:

  1. The MUC Pool supplies IP Tokens to the decentralized IP economy and swaps them for cryptocurrencies.

  2. The MUC Pool supplies MUC to the crypto economy and is swapped for major cryptocurrencies.

  3. The MUC Pool supplies major cryptocurrencies to the liquidity pool of DEX in the crypto economy.

  4. The IP Tokens of the contents are exchanged with MUC.

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