1. Summary

MUC connects and supports the value of Decentralized IPs. Utility tokens like MUC are essential in preparing for the decentralized era.

Token name: Multi Universe Central

Token Ticker: MUC

Contract Address: 0x03B92EBF0615D44D8C782C209E4405b74cb77D1d

Number of issuing: 1,000,000,000 MUC

The IP content industry has undergone significant upheaval. Also, these modifications continue to provide customers with fresh experiences. Through the use of blockchain technology, technology has also continued to advance.

Blockchain is the technology that is causing these transformations. The use of this technology contributes to the decentralization of the rights that platform firms formerly controlled and their restoration to IP providers and users. Moreover, this technology is developing into NFTs, which may be used to store intellectual property rights.

Web3 will unavoidably bring about transformation in other sectors as well, including the content sector. In the conventional market, there was no method for users to really own or exchange their intellectual property; instead, they had to surrender all of their rights to content providers. The reason for this is that when IP rights were distributed among several parties, it was impossible to tell originals from copies.

However, the introduction of blockchain technology and NFTs has provided a way for the IP of content and the economy within content to function externally. The possibilities shown by this technology have inspired many developers and teams, leading to the creation of content for a new era.

Our group has also seen this possibility. The MUC project will use cutting-edge technology, set itself apart from other initiatives, and provide the most sophisticated IP.

Users can benefit from a variety of NFTs and crypto economy features when MUC links and supports the value of numerous NFT IPs.

Also, the MUC ecosystem will develop and link with other projects, offering NFT holders a variety of advantages.

As an ERC20 standard on Polygon, MUC will be released, and it will actively make use of bridge technologies for usage on other chains as well.

MUC and NFTs will be introduced together with numerous chains, initiatives, and technology, assisting in the development of the crypto ecosystem and economy.

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