18. Distribution

The ticker for the project is MUC, and the token's name is Multi Universe Central. There will be an overall issuance of 1,000,000,000 MUC. While IP Tokens will support and link each IP and piece of content, MUC will serve as the framework for various NFT project ecosystems. By holding and utilizing MUC, users may take advantage of a variety of experiences and advantages.

The graph and table below show the overall use cases for MUC. However, depending on how the project is coming along and the state of the market, the MUC's issuance volume, circulation volume, and distribution situation may change.

  1. Staking: This represents the amount of MUC circulating through NFTs staked on the MUC platform web. MUC is supplied to users according to the economic situation. In addition, by adjusting the supply of IP Tokens, MUC's value is preserved without causing inflation.

  2. Ecosystem: MUC is supplied and used through Dex, various contents, multi-chain, etc. MUC can also be acquired and used through original content from the universe.

  3. Listing: MUC is supplied through centralized exchanges. Sufficient liquidity is secured through multiple global exchanges.

  4. Others: This represents the amount of MUC distributed for the team, partners, and marketing.

The distribution of MUC will take place as previously mentioned. Among them, the MUC allotted to the team, advisers, partners, and contributors will be locked up and gradually incorporated into the ecosystem over a number of years.

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