12. Basic Contents Economy

The Bluechip NFT and IP Token are connected through contents as shown in the diagram below.

  1. NFTs are connected to content using web3 technology.

  2. IP Tokens are acquired through content by holding NFTs in a wallet.

  3. Decentralized IP is used to produce content such as games, webtoons, web

    novels, animations, and more.

  4. Holders can acquire items and in-game currency within the content by using MUC or other IP Tokens associated with MUC.

By applying various BlueChip NFTs in addition to the TMHC and Alice NFTs prepared by MUC, the MUC project's content can also serve as a small platform for NFT projects. Through this structure, BlueChip NFTs can secure the contents used without the need for separate content or platform development.

Content such as games, and webtoons expand the range of usage of MUC and Blue Chipsets by providing a space for the consumption of MUC.

Indeed, connecting NFT projects with IP Tokens through a simple yet optimized process can greatly enhance the user experience for holders.

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