22. Disclaimers & risks

By accessing this whitepaper or any part of its information, you unconditionally and irrevocably agree to the following terms:

Access Denied in Restricted Area

  1. You must fully acknowledge that accessing this whitepaper may be illegal for you in certain regions or categories of individuals, and you confirm that accessing this whitepaper does not violate any laws or regulations applicable to you.

  2. You must fully understand and agree that directly or indirectly providing or holding the cryptographic assets (MUC, IP Token, token, NFT, TMHC, Alice) mentioned in this whitepaper is prohibited unless allowed by the laws and regulations applicable to you.

  3. All parties involved in this whitepaper or the project (authors, issuers of cryptographic assets (MUC, IP Token, token, NFT, TMHC, Alice), affiliates, executives, directors, employees, advisors, agents, partners, stakeholders) are not responsible for any person who accesses this whitepaper from a region where it is legally prohibited. Access to this whitepaper is also prohibited.

The purpose of this whitepaper is to provide information (without warranty).

  1. This white paper is provided solely for informational purposes without any kind of guarantee, not limited to accuracy and completeness. No statement or warranty, whether explicit or implicit, is made - no warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, ownership, error-free, or suitability for any purpose, and no warranty that it does not infringe the rights of third parties.

  2. All parties involved in this white paper or project (the authors, issuers of crypto assets (MUC, IP Token, token, NFT, TMHC, Alice), affiliates, executives, directors, employees, advisors, agents, partners, stakeholders) make no warranties of any kind regarding this white paper; and provide only information.

  3. All parties involved in this project assume no responsibility for any kind of loss or damage (direct, indirect, consequential, actual, decisive), not limited to the use, error, omission, reference, or reliance on the information contained in this white paper.

  4. This whitepaper may be revised or updated, and the latest version will be distributed through official websites or social media. No notice will be given for any modification or changes to this whitepaper.

  5. This whitepaper is provided for informational purposes only and shall not be legally binding under any circumstances.

  6. The information contained in this whitepaper includes estimates for the future and inherent uncertainties that are not yet known, and this may result in significant differences with actual results. The information contained in this whitepaper may include statements that are considered "future predictive statements" rather than statements of historical fact. Therefore, expectations, roadmaps, developments, anticipated conditions, achievements and all information and opinions related to them by relevant agencies are subject to updates and revisions.

  7. Terms such as "goal," "expect," "believe," "can," "estimate," "if," "intend," "plan," "possible," "potential," "project," "should," "will," and "would" are not definitive and are considered as statements of future prediction, which involve uncertainty and risk.

  8. All parties involved in this project do not explicitly promise to update or modify the scope and definition of future predictive statements, unless required by law. All parties involved do not make any statements or guarantees that all events mentioned in these statements will actually occur. All parties involved strive to achieve all objectives stated in this whitepaper, but unforeseen circumstances may prevent these objectives from being achieved. In such cases, all parties involved are not responsible for notifying you.

No offer

  1. All information contained in this whitepaper is not intended as a specific form of investment proposal or solicitation, and is not any kind of offer to recommend the purchase of securities in any region. This whitepaper is solely for informational purposes to assist in understanding the business.

  2. This whitepaper does not represent or intend to express any offer or solicitation for the purchase, sale, subscription, or acquisition of any form of investment, securities, or financial product.

No advice

  1. The information contained in this whitepaper does not constitute legal, financial, tax, or any other advice. You must conduct your own due diligence and comply with all local laws related to cryptocurrencies, digital assets, taxes, securities, and any other regulations in your jurisdiction. By accessing this whitepaper, you fully acknowledge and agree to consult with independent professional consultants.

No agreement

  1. This whitepaper does not serve as a basis for investment decisions or contract signing. Under no circumstances should you rely on this whitepaper. Any contracts related to the sale, exchange, or acquisition of crypto assets (MUC, IP Token, token, NFT, TMHC, Alice) associated with this project will be governed by separate documents (contract documents) between the issuer and you. In case of any discrepancy between this whitepaper and the contract documents, the contract documents shall prevail.

No advertisement

  1. This whitepaper is for informational purposes only and is not intended as promotional material. It is also not intended to be used to solicit or recommend subscriptions or investments on behalf of the crypto asset issuer.

Regulatory risk

  1. This whitepaper has not been prepared in accordance with the legal jurisdiction, regulations or actions of any particular country or region, and has not been reviewed or approved by regulatory or government agencies.

  2. Laws, regulations, or regimes related to crypto assets, cryptocurrencies, blockchain games, and related applications have not been adopted or implemented in various jurisdictions around the world. When regulatory authorities or government agencies introduce laws or regulations to regulate these virtual assets, blockchain games, and related applications or change existing laws, regulations, and rules, they may have a significant adverse impact on individuals or organizations in that country. Government agencies or regulatory authorities may disable the implementation or operation of the plans mentioned in this whitepaper related to this project and impair its ability to function.

Market volatility

  1. Blockchain systems or crypto assets may undergo changes in business or development progress and value depending on political, social, and economic situations, as well as stock market or blockchain market conditions. As a result of such situations, it may no longer be commercially feasible to execute or operate the project.

Other disclaimers

  1. Despite best efforts by all parties involved, it may not be possible to implement or maintain the goals, business strategies, and plans stated in this whitepaper. The roadmap outlined in this whitepaper is based on current technology, infrastructure, and know-how, but there may be potential business or technological barriers that could impede or make it impossible for actual operations in the future.

  2. This whitepaper is a document that contains information about project managements, and its contents may change depending on changes in relevant laws and regulations, business circumstances, and industry outlook or at the discretion of the operating entity.

  3. Within the limits allowed by applicable laws, all project stakeholders will not be liable for any responsibilities, claims, demands, losses, damages (including claims of negligence, but not limited to them) that may arise in connection with your acceptance or reliance on this whitepaper. Regardless of whether you have received advice on the possibility of such damages, all project stakeholders will not be responsible for the information contained in this whitepaper.

  4. If there are references to information sources by third parties in this whitepaper, it may not have requested additional verification regarding the accuracy and completeness of the information specified here, and does not provide any kind of warranty regarding it.

Holding Crypto Assets

  1. About purchasing, exchanging, or acquiring crypto assets (MUC, IP Token, token, NFT, Alice), it will be considered that you fully understand and agree to the following:

  2. Crypto assets have extreme volatility in their value, which can be affected by various factors such as speculative demand or changes in regulatory conditions, and there are no upper or lower limits on their value.

  3. All risks and responsibilities related to investment decisions regarding crypto assets are yours, and you bear full responsibility for any possible losses and damages. All project stakeholders & managements, government or third parties do not provide any guarantees regarding the value of crypto assets or the value of crypto assets.

  4. Crypto assets do not constitute any form of securities or derivatives products, and they are not issued or registered according to the laws or regulations of any particular country or region where potential owners of crypto assets are located.

  5. You cannot sell or use crypto assets in jurisdictions where the sale or use of certain digital currencies, digital assets, virtual assets, cryptocurrencies, or crypto assets is prohibited, and anyone who violates this will bear full responsibility for such violations. All project stakeholders and managements are not responsible for this.

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