3. Multi Universe Central(MUC)

The MUC is a utility token project with an ecosystem that incorporates NFTs and tokens, centered around decentralized IPs such as Tokyo Mongz Hills Club, Peachz.MOMO, and GAJA!Alice within the Universe. MUC will serve as an important value for NFT holders and will be connected to various content.

MUC's economy will operate in connection with IP Tokens. IP Tokens will consist of various tokens, including MZC from the Tokyo Mongz Hills Club and Peachz.MOMO projects. With a fixed issuance, the amount of major cryptocurrencies supplied to the DEX's LP (liquidity pool) will increase proportionally to the circulating amount. By operating the supply of MUC relatively small compared to the liquidity of other crypto assets being supplied, the value of MUC can be preserved. Additionally, MUC will create new value by combining with its own NFT projects, TMHC and GAJA!Alice.

With the above approach, there may be backlash from users due to the reduced supply of IP Tokens provided by the content. However, we have adopted this method because a situation where the value of MUC is lost can be much more detrimental to users and holders.

Additionally, MUC will flexibly connect the ecosystem inside and outside the content and operate as a crypto economy.

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