4. Contents

The content where MUC will be applied includes a variety of decentralized IPs such as games, webtoons, web novels, and animations. More content will continue to be added, and users can become either owners or players of these IPs. The elements of these contents will continue to be added, providing users with ongoing entertainment.

Decentralized IPs will be introduced as NFT-based projects in NFT marketplaces. When holding these NFTs in a decentralized wallet connected to the content, they can be used in conjunction with the corresponding content.

TMHC is preparing various businesses that utilize IPs across both online and offline platforms, and they plan to connect and use a token economy within these ventures.

GAJA!Alice will start with comics and webtoons and expand into areas like animation and games. They will create content as NFTs and share them with holders.

Universal Stallion, a game that is connected to the ecosystem of MUC, is currently under development. We will continue connecting more contents, such as games and webtoon, to the ecosystem.

You can spend MUC in various ways within diverse content, such as games, webtoons, and digital & physical goods.

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