6. Mongz Universe

Mongs Universe is a decentralized IP project which connects online and offline businesses and is an NFT project based on unique and entertaining worldviews. It connects the metaverse and real world through TMHC NFT, as well as NFT projects.

  1. MOMO is responsible for the staking boosting feature through MUC's platform website.

  2. Linked with games and online IP content.

  3. Linked with offline products and offline businesses.

  4. Through Mongz Universe staking platform web, these NFTs will be linked to each

    respective IP Token.

Mongz Universe is planned to be used in blockchain games to maximize its potential as an IP. In addition to games, it is expected to expand and connect with webtoons and offline businesses. Mongz Universe strengthens its scalability by connecting IP businesses both online and offline.

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